Our Projects

Our mission is to restore the balance between humanity and the ocean to build a sustainable relationship with our planet.

Clearbots' mission is to imagine and create efficient, autonomous and electric boats that augments different marine services around the world. Building boats that autonomously and safely operate in different marine environments is a considerable challenge. With curiosity and respect for our ecosystems ingrained into our work with Clearbots, we believe that this is the next step of building machines that reduce the danger, tediousness and the uneconomical aspects of marine services.

Oil/Trash Cleanup

Sino Trash Cleaning

Clearbot is a high tech solution powered with solar power that is completely autonomous. Due to its AI powered processing, Clearbot’s Impact is 100% trackable. We entered a partnership with the Sino Group of Hong Kong to begin sustainable cleaning their private marina in Hong Kong.

Rotary Club of Hong Kong Partnership

Diesel boats and fishing nets has been incredibly ineffective and expensive. Clearbot collects the same volume as with 0 emissions and can be controlled remotely with preset routes of operation. So we are able to operate 24 x 7 safely.

Surveillance Highways Department

Collecting construction waste during working hours is extremely dangerous in Kai Tak river. Clearbot allows for inspection & cleaning without risking human life. Unmanned and equipped with 4G and FPV camera for safe and remote inspection underneath the unsafe steel platform. and return to home feature in case of loss of connection inside unsafe area.

Cargo Movement

Cargo Movement Flying labs

No affordable solutions for medical deliveries to island health facilities in Panama. Clearbot can move up to 200kgs of cargo in a single mission and is able to lower costs and get access to on-demand services. Clearbot is able to deliver large payloads over 5kms range at a very low cost.

Foam Cleanup

Foambot Drainage Services Department

Build up of clumped up foam causes damage to water processing plants such as in Sheng Shui water treatment plant. Here, Clearbot automates 100% of foam removal with complete transparency with no operator required during the entire removal process. Clearbot also provides a live feed with AI based cleaning analysis on online dashboard

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