Small Scale Delivery and Beyond: The Versatility of Clearbot's Autonomous Boats

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The marine goods delivery industry is a vital part of the global economy. It is responsible for transporting essential supplies to offshore locations, such as oil rigs, offshore wind farms, and vessels waiting to dock. However, the industry is facing a number of challenges, including high costs, crew requirements, and delays in busy ports.

The Costly Consequences of Delays

A recent study by the World Bank found that ships waiting to dock in ports can lose up to $20,000 per hour. In busy ports like Singapore, the average delay for anchorage is 20-30 hours. This means that a ship waiting to dock in Singapore could lose up to $600,000 in revenue. Such substantial financial losses are a significant burden for ship owners and operators. Furthermore, these delays hinder the timely delivery of essential goods to the staff on board, exacerbating the challenges faced.

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The Current Approach: Manned Launch Boats

To address the delivery of essential supplies during waiting periods, manned launch boats are commonly utilized. However, this approach comes with its own set of disadvantages, which hinder efficiency and add to the overall costs.

  1. High costs: Traditional delivery methods, including launch boats, are expensive. Even simple spare part deliveries can cost between $450 and $1500 USD, putting a strain on resources.
  2. Crew requirements: Manned launch boats necessitate a crew to operate, which adds to the expenses and makes cost reduction difficult.
  3. Delays in busy ports: Prolonged waiting times in busy ports exert immense pressure on delivery services relying on launch boats. These delays in delivery make it challenging to provide essential supplies to offshore locations in a timely manner.

These challenges highlight the need for an innovative and efficient alternative to address the shortcomings of current delivery methods.

Clearbot's Solution for Delays in Marine Goods Delivery

These disadvantages can be addressed by using autonomous delivery bots, such as Clearbot. Clearbot is an autonomous boat that is powered by electricity. It is equipped with a variety of sensors that allow it to navigate safely and efficiently outperforming even the most advanced technologies currently employed for deliveries, such as drones.

While drones and other alternatives are limited to transporting a range of 4 to 15 kilograms per delivery, Clearbot boasts a robust payload capability of 200 kilograms. This carrying capacity enables Clearbot to accommodate a wide range of goods efficiently.

Further, With a speed of 3 knots, Clearbot can operate continuously for up to 4 hours, covering substantial distances while maintaining optimal performance. It can withstand wind speeds of up to 40 kilometers per hour and water flows of 15 kilometers per hour, ensuring reliable delivery even in challenging conditions.

Navigating Challenges, Delivering Solutions: Clearbot's Game-Changing Impact

The adoption of Clearbot's unmanned technology in the marine goods delivery sector holds immense potential for cost savings. By leveraging these autonomous bots, the industry stands to save an estimated $675 million. The elimination of crew requirements and the ability to transport heavier loads contribute to significant cost reductions and enhanced efficiency.

Furthermore, Clearbot's versatility is a notable advantage. Its ability to navigate confined spaces, shallow waters, and challenging weather conditions allows it to access locations that may be inaccessible to other alternatives. This adaptability expands the scope of Clearbot's applications and positions it as an invaluable asset in the marine industry.

Saving Time, Saving Money: Clearbot's Answer to Port Delays

Clearbot's foray into small-scale goods delivery in the marine space presents a revolutionary solution to the challenges faced by conventional methods. With more wide scale adopted, ships will continue save money while they wait to dock in ports.

Clearbot is an incredible technology that works on its own, without human control. Powered by electricity and equipped with smart features, Clearbot is making a big impact in various industries. Whether it's delivering goods, keeping an eye on the environment, or doing advanced research, Clearbot is changing the way machines work. If you have any questions or want to know more, reach out to us via

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