Clearbot: Conquering Hyacinth Infestations for Effective Waterway Management!

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Managing invasive aquatic species, like the persistent hyacinth, is a challenge for boaters, sailors, and water enthusiasts. Hyacinths grow fast and can smother other plant life, harm fish, and cause flooding. Traditional removal methods are time-consuming, labor-intensive, and can further damage the ecosystem. But don’t worry, Clearbot provides a gentle and effective solution for removing hyacinths without harming other aquatic life. With its autonomous capabilities, Clearbot can cover large areas quickly, making the removal process effortless.

Say goodbye to harmful chemicals and heavy machinery and hello to an eco-friendly solution with Clearbot

Traditional removal methods often involve the use of harmful chemicals or heavy machinery, which can harm aquatic life. Clearbot is the ultimate solution for removing invasive aquatic species like hyacinths from your beloved waterways. This AI-powered device is a real game-changer when it comes to identifying and removing hyacinths, all while avoiding obstacles and minimizing disruption to the surrounding environment.

So, how do you remove hyacinths from the water without causing more harm than good?

Clearbot is committed to both accessibility and sustainability, and here is how it can cleanup without harming the ecosystem:

  • Clearbot is electric/ solar powered as opposed to traditionalmethods that use fossil fuels. This implies zero cost of operation and zero emissions.
  • Clearbot is autonomous and does not need human resources onboard and hence posses no threat or risk to human life.
  • It has efficient collection capabilities, hence it can cover large areas of water quickly and effectively, making it time efficient and affordable for cleaning up waterways.
  • Our bot is perfect solution for those looking to remove invasive species while preserving the natural beauty and health of their waterways.
  • The bot is designed to safely and sustainably remove hyacinths while minimizing disruption to the surrounding ecosystem.

Clearbot uses the navigation system to locate and collect the Hyacinth

Using advanced machine learning algorithms and computer vision, we are able to spot invasive hyacinths in the water. With its Lidar vision, Clearbot identifies invasive species and once the bot has identified the hyacinth plants, it uses its navigation system to locate and collect them without causing any harm to the surrounding ecosystem.

Here is how it works:

  1. Identification: Clearbot can use computer vision and its onboard cameras to identify hyacinths and section your site into cleaning zones. Once this is done, the bot drives toward these sections based on the density of invasive plants
  2. Collection: Once Clearbot reaches the hyacinths, it uses its collection conveyor and cutters that can be installed on board to scoop them up and deposit them in an onboard storage compartment.
  3. Disposal: Once Clearbot has collected a significant amount of hyacinths, it returns to shore, where the plants can be safely disposed of without harm to the environment.

Hence, Clearbot is a real game-changer in the world of hyacinth removal. It's an innovative and eco-friendly solution that can help keep waterways healthy and thriving for years to come. So, if you're dealing with pesky invasive species like hyacinths in your favourite lakes or water bodies, contact us at and Clearbot will solve your problem without any hassle.

Clearbot's Hyacinth collection process is designed to be gentle and effective, with no harm caused to the surrounding plant life or aquatic animals.

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