Meet the innovators behind Clearbot Neo who are building the future marine services!

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Welcome to the story of Clearbot Neo, an unmanned boat that is changing the game in ocean cleanup. Here, Utkarsh (co-founder) and George (head of product) share their experiences as the passionate minds behind Clearbot. Together with our Clearbot team, they are driven by their commitment to protecting our oceans and are on a mission to pave the way for a better future for our planet.

The inspiration behind Clearbot - a sustainable technology

Clearbot co-founder Utkarsh confirmed that his inspiration behind Clearbot Neo was to create a sustainable technology that could efficiently collect plastic waste from our oceans. He knew that automating this process could make it faster, more efficient, and safer for workers who are often exposed to dangerous chemicals and contaminants. As Utkarsh puts it, "We are trying to build the foundation for the future of the marine industry."

Goals for the first two years - from concept to technology in ocean mobility

The vision of the Clearbot team from the beginning was to create sustainable technology, and their early designs were focused on removing plastic pollution from waterways. Over the last two years, they have worked tirelessly to mature the product and develop a base platform for electric self-driving boats. As Utkarsh explains, "We are building technology that can be used for surveillance, transportation of small goods, and other applications."

Clearbot's machine vision system and communication system are at the forefront of innovation in ocean cleanup technology. The machine vision system can identify different types of plastic waste using cameras and machine learning algorithms, and the communication system allows people to control and monitor the robot remotely using a web-based interface.

Utkarsh mentioned the goal is to “reimagine our current technology that allows us to completely change ocean mobility as we know it today!”

The Making of Clearbot Neo - Improvements to Clearbot gave its durability

George, Head of Product at Clearbot, joined the team when we partnered with Razer to design the Clearbot Neo. This collaboration brought about significant improvements to the Clearbot's design, making it more durable. They improved the shape and size of the Clearbot to withstand harsh environments and perform more efficiently. As George puts it, "Seeing the end result and knowing that our product is making a difference in the world is truly fulfilling."

Innovative Technology and Evolving Solution in the works

In the past couple of months, the team at clearbot is focused on building an automatic solar/electric docking system for Clearbot Neo. This system,

  • Will improve usability and increase the valuable time for operation
  • Automate charging with less manual labour
  • Remove the collected waste

As the company is growing and evolving, these upgrades will maximize the amount of time we are running our boats on the water. Thus we are actively building the technology we need to realize our vision where boats are entirely autonomous.

Join the Clearbot movement and team sustainability!

Clearbot Neo is making waves in the ocean cleanup industry, and it's exciting to see the innovative sustainable technology that we are developing. If you're inspired by our work and want to join the movement to protect our oceans, connect with us at

And if you're interested in working in a start-up environment like Clearbot, know that it can be rewarding to be part of a team that is making a positive impact on the world. As Utkarsh concludes, "We are not just building a company, but also a culture."

Check out the Journey of Clearbot Neo and Its passionate builders changing the ocean industry!

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