AI Technology in Clearbot: Enhancing Pollution Recovery and Prevention

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The Limitations of Traditional Marine Pollution Tracking Methods

Right now, Marine pollution is currently tracked through beach surveys, computer models based on samples collected at sea, and estimates of the amount of trash entering the oceans. However, these methods provide only a limited picture of the scale of the problem, with little information available on the amount of plastic in remote regions.

Enter Clearbot: An autonomous infrastructure that uses AI technology to detect and recover marine trash and oil spills. In the last two years, the Clearbot team has developed Clearbot Neo, which can recognize and log the types of trash it collects using a two-camera detection system.

How Clearbot Neo Works?

Clearbot Neo uses one camera to survey the water's surface, identifying rubbish while avoiding marine life, navigational hazards, and other vessels. The second camera photographs each piece of trash that lands on the conveyor belt and transmits its image and GPS location to the company's data compliance system.

When this data is combined with variables like sea currents and tide information, environmentalists and marine authorities have a head start on identifying the sources of the trash. The water quality data is also fed into the cloud. With the aid of GPS, Clearbot Neo can simultaneously clear the trash and produce a data point for every item collected, including location, size, type, material, and weight.

Benefits of Clearbot's AI Technology

Clearbot's AI-powered reporting simplifies the complex process of the cleanup in the maritime industry. With accurate data generation and streamlined report creation, it saves time and resources while providing reliable real-time data.

Clearbot's AI dashboard tracks waste tracking and collection, environmental and social impact data, and generates precise ESG reports with a single click.

Real-World Results

Clearbot's AI technology has already proven its effectiveness in combating marine pollution. Recently, a Hong Kong property company, Sino Group, acquired a model and completed a project with the Clearbot team to keep a yacht marina clean and test the technology further. By focusing on data collection rather than physical material, we can better understand the extent of the problem and take action to prevent further damage to our oceans.

From these real world deployments, we have realised that the hard data is actually more valuable than the physical material that is being collected. Only 20% to 40% of marine plastic waste in our waters can actually be recycled. Most of it is too contaminated or broken down to be usable.

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